Don’t Ignore Dental Pain!

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It’s hard to ignore dental pain. You bite into a hard piece of candy and a sudden, sharp jolt shoots through your mouth, or you wake up with a toothache that throbs steadily throughout the day. It’s in our nature to try and wait out pain. But, unfortunately, dental pain doesn’t often subside on its own. In fact, it gets worse and often develops into new problems. Before you know it, you’re in agonizing pain and paying the hefty bill that comes from an emergency dentist.

The lesson here? Don’t ignore dental pain!

Dental pain—like all pain—is your body’s way of telling you something isn’t right. Dental pain in particular can be very telling about what the exact nature of the problem is. No amount of brushing, flossing or icing is going to resolve the underlying pain issue. For that, only a dentist is going to have the tools and know-how to quell your aching pain.

Potential Problems

Oral pain can take many forms. Depending on how the pain presents itself, it could tell your dentist a lot about what you’re dealing with. For example, sharp, shooting pain may signal an abscess or cracked tooth—especially if it occurs whenever you’re chewing. On the other hand, dull throbbing toothaches may signal infection or decay at the root of a tooth.

Determining the pain leads to determining the problem, which then leads to determining the solution. The quicker this process gets started, the quicker you’ll experience relief and retain your oral health, protecting you against future problems.

Pain Left Unchecked

If you’re someone who prefers to grit and bear your oral pain, make sure you know the consequences first. Forgoing a visit to an emergency dentist and letting your pain persist can lead to major problems, including:

  • Gum disease
  • Rotted teeth
  • Oral nerve damage
  • Lost teeth
  • Oral swelling

And that’s just the start of your problems! If you’re someone who self-medicates for pain with over-the-counter drugs, you run the risk of medication dependency and all of the problems that come with it. Further, ignoring dental pain can lead to infection that spreads or chronic illness that comes with a compromised immune system.

The bottom line is a simple one: be sure not to ignore dental pain. Doing so means ignoring your body’s natural response to a bigger problem.

Put an End to Oral Pain

The best thing you can do when you feel pain in your mouth is to assess that pain and schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist. Trust us, you’ll know oral pain when you feel it—whether it’s acute or chronic. Use it as a signal to do the right thing and seek help. Trying to wait out the problem is only going to make things worse.

Isn’t it better to address pain upfront—and leave it behind quickly—than deal with an ongoing problem that causes you grief every day and lowers your quality of life? At Modern Smiles Family Dentistry, we think so!

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