Five Signs You Need to Call an Emergency Dentist

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It’s important to take dental problems seriously, but like many people, you may be wondering if your issue warrants an emergency dental visit. You need to consider the fact that your toothache might actually be a dental emergency, especially if symptoms are still lingering after a few days. Left untreated, that dental issue can have a huge impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

The following are five signs you need to call an emergency dentist right away:

  • Intense, long-lasting tooth pain: Toothaches can range from mild pain that goes away within hours, to excruciating pain that doesn’t lessen or go away, to unbearable tooth sensitivity. If your toothache falls into one of the latter two categories, you may have an infected tooth or root. When at-home care doesn’t work, contact your dentist to schedule emergency care.
  • Painful swelling that lingers: A swollen jaw and/or mouth can accompany tooth pain. If this is the case, there may be an infection in the tooth or gum, such as an abscess. A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus that forms in the presence of a bacterial infection in the mouth. Abscesses will not go away without help, so it’s important to seek dental treatment as soon as possible to keep the infection from spreading and to begin healing.
  • Severe damage to a tooth (or teeth): While small tooth chips and cracks are not usually painful and can wait to be treated, large breaks and sizable fractures to a tooth coupled with extreme pain may require immediate attention. Call a local emergency dentist right away! A severe enough break is often suggestive of damage to the outside of the tooth as well as the inner tissue.
  • The gum surrounding the painful tooth is bleeding: A toothache with bleeding gum tissue is an indication of an infection in the tooth or gums, typically due to a lack of regular dental care. These types of infections are caused by bacteria getting under the gum line, which can lead to abscesses and pockets in the gums that compromise the condition of your natural teeth. An infection can also result from a foreign object finding its way under the gum line. Bleeding and inflammation is your body’s way of trying to push the object out.
  • Sudden adult tooth loss: Losing teeth as an adult means you’ll be missing your permanent teeth. When adults lose a tooth suddenly, it’s usually because something happened to make it fall out—like biting into a hard food that dislodges a tooth or getting kicked in the face while playing a sport. If this happens, place the tooth in a mix of milk and saliva and contact your dentist immediately. The quicker the tooth is put back into its socket, the better its chances of remaining viable.

No matter the time of day, if you believe you have a true dental emergency, don’t hesitate to call Modern Smiles Family Dentistry to get in touch with an emergency dentist!

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