Do I Really Need to Floss?

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If you go to the dentist regularly, then chances are you are very familiar with this question: “Do you floss every day?”

For those of us who fail to floss regularly, we might find ourselves making up excuses when faced with that question: we don’t have time, it slips our minds or we don’t think it’s necessary because we always brush our teeth at least twice a day.

According to recent studies, about 30 percent of Americans neglect to ever floss their teeth. So if you are among that 30 percent, you are not alone—but that doesn’t mean you are making the right decision!

Flossing your teeth in Phoenix is essential, both for gum health and your overall wellbeing. Read on to learn about why it’s important to floss, and how to do it properly, from a longtime family dentist.

Health concerns

The most important reason you ought to floss every day is that it can help prevent a wide range of health problems. When you don’t floss, old bits of food might stay lodged in between your teeth, in the areas that are difficult for a toothbrush to reach. Those old bits of food can cause gum disease like gingivitis, bleeding gums and even tooth decay.

That might sound bad enough, but it goes further—some doctors believe gum disease that causes inflammation in your gums can also lead to inflammation of other areas, including your heart. And severe oral diseases can sometimes spread to the brain, causing serious complications.

Some doctors disagree about how important flossing really is for preventing gum disease and other ailments. But given how relatively easy flossing your teeth in Phoenix is—and the risks that are at stake—it’s still a good idea to make it a daily habit.

Worried that your failure to floss has caused gum disease? Be sure to visit your dentist soon!

Appearance and comfort

Beyond preventing serious gum diseases, flossing regularly can also contribute to your everyday appearance and comfort level.

By getting rid of those extra bits of food in between your teeth, you can rest assured that your mouth is nice and clean, and you don’t have to worry about bad breath or having visible pieces of food caught in your teeth.

When you fail to floss, your gums become more sensitive, which can lead to painful experiences and even gum bleeding when brushing your teeth. Flossing your teeth in Phoenix can prevent that discomfort, making twice-daily brushing a painless, easy task.

How to floss properly

Now that you understand the benefits of flossing, it’s time to make sure you are doing it right. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to get right: just wind the floss around your fingers, move the floss gently back and forth between your teeth and make sure you floss around each and every tooth. It might sound like a hassle, but once you get in the habit of doing it every day, it becomes a breeze!

If you would like to learn more about flossing, be sure to ask your family dentist next time you get a cleaning at Modern Smiles Family Dentistry.

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