We Can Offer Same-Day Crowns! Here’s Why That Matters

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A dental crown is a necessity for a number of dental problems, including large cavities, cracked or broken teeth, root canals and more. Crowns protect your existing teeth while maintaining a uniform smile. Most importantly, they can provide additional comfort and strength.

Unfortunately, once you discover you need a crown, you may already be experiencing pain or discomfort. Then, you have to go through the process of scheduling a dental appointment and dealing with the pain until the crown can be placed. This is frustrating, and can even be damaging to your oral health.

This is why the team at Modern Smiles Family Dentistry is proud to offer same day crowns in Phoenix, AZ. Only 10 percent of dentists in Arizona offer this service to customers, and we made it a priority to join this exclusive group because of the many benefits the procedure provides.

How same day crowns work

When you go into the dentist’s office with a sore or damaged tooth, your dentist will need to examine the tooth to find the problem, then determine your next steps. Traditionally, if a crown is needed, the dentist will take impressions of your tooth to have the crown created in a lab, and you’d have to return for another appointment or two in the future to have it applied.

With same day crowns, this process is vastly simplified. Your dentist can determine you need a crown, design the crown using specialized cameras, have a machine create the crown and place the crown in your mouth, all within a few hours! Specialized equipment and machines are needed for this procedure, but it greatly simplifies the process and shortens the wait time for people who need it most.

Why same day crowns are important

Same day crowns in Phoenix, AZ aren’t always a good fit, but they do offer many benefits over traditional crowns.

Getting a same day crown is much more convenient than traditional crowns. Instead of waiting multiple days or even weeks to have your typical crown created and applied, you can be in and out of the dentist’s office in a single day. There’s no need to take off work multiple times for appointments or work to fit visits into your busy schedule.

Additionally, same day crowns offer an added level of comfort, particularly if you’re getting a crown because of a painful dental problem. When your crown is applied the same day you visit the dentist, you aren’t forced to deal with an irritating temporary crown or the pain from the tooth problem you initially made an appointment for. Your dental issue can be fixed and relief will be provided almost immediately.

And, if your crown is necessary because you have a damaged tooth, getting a crown as soon as possible reduces the risk of even more damage to that tooth. You’ll have full function of your teeth immediately and won’t need to follow strict dietary restrictions or be extra careful like you would while waiting for your permanent crown to be put in place.

Do you need a dental crown? Visit Modern Smiles Family Dentistry and inquire about same day crowns in Phoenix, AZ! We offer a full suite of general dentistry services to meet your needs.

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