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Imagine a dental visit that is stress-free. You’re surrounded by a comfortable environment filled with friendly faces. You can relax in the dental chair as skilled professionals take great care of you. Your dental x-rays in Phoenix are simple and quick, as are the rest of your dental services.

This is a picture of a dental visit to Modern Smiles Family Dentistry. When you schedule an appointment for dental x-rays in Phoenix, our office is your best choice. Consider the following facts about our dental x-ray services, and you’ll discover our difference.

Dental detectives

Of course, dental x-rays in Phoenix are great for identifying problems with your teeth. But did you know that this technology can also detect a host of oral health problems? With the right knowledge and equipment, dental professionals can use x-rays to monitor your health in a variety of ways. They can identify issues at early stages to make appropriate intervention before conditions worsen. Long before you realize there is a problem, dental x-rays can detect:

  • Oral infections: These infections are typically caused by organisms such as bacteria that are overgrown in the mouth. They can cause sores, swelling and other painful issues.
  • Gum disease: This is caused by toxins that build up on the gum line over time. The build-up, called plaque, is made of bacteria, food and saliva. It causes inflammation of the gums and loss of bone around the teeth.
  • Cavities: These damaged areas in the teeth are also referred to as tooth decay. They are tiny holes in the tooth. They can be caused by bacteria, sugar and poor oral hygiene.
  • Tumors: Some types of tumors in the mouth can be detected by dental x-rays in Phoenix. Early detection of these tumors is essential for the best outcomes.

Reduced radiation

X-rays are a great tool for preventative healthcare as well as treatment. However, a common concern regarding this tool is the radiation that it exposes patients to during administration of the x-ray. At Modern Smiles Family Dentistry, our digital x-rays expose patients to 90 percent less radiation than conventional x-rays. Our methods help you remain healthy, comfortable and safe.


Patients commonly ask how often dental x-rays in Phoenix should be taken. This depends on the patient’s medical history. Typically, dentists recommend x-rays every six to 12 months. However, if there is a current concern that the dentist is monitoring, additional x-rays may be recommended. On the other hand, if the patient is in good health with no current dental concerns, x-rays may only be necessary every couple of years.

Discover the difference

At Modern Smiles Family Dentistry, our skilled team of dental professionals is committed to the pursuit of complete patient satisfaction. As one of the most highly experienced family and cosmetic dentists in the area, Dr. Carl Fairchild understands the importance of personalized care. Our staff approaches each patient with the utmost dedication, comfort and compassion. Our philosophy promotes a relaxing treatment with an unparalleled experience. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule your next appointment for dental x-rays in Phoenix.

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