Fun Facts About Dental X-Rays

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Maybe you’ve been going to the dentist your whole life and understand the importance of dental x-rays in Phoenix, AZ—but we bet you don’t know all of these facts! We’re biased, but we think the practice of dentistry can be fascinating. Plus, the more you know about a procedure, the less nervous you’ll be. That’s important, because visiting your dentist regularly and getting intraoral x-rays can make a huge difference in your oral and overall physical health:

  • Dental x-rays have been around since the 1800s: X-rays were invented in 1895, and that same year, they were used for the first dental x-ray. Both x-ray and general dental technology has evolved in the last 125 years, but the basics are the same.
  • Digital x-rays have overtaken the popularity of using radiation: Today, many dental practices, including Modern Smiles Family Dentistry, use digital imaging to get a better look inside your mouth. These expose you to up to 90 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays.
  • Traditional x-rays expose you to less radiation than you might think: That being said, you might be surprised at how little radiation you’re actually exposed to during a traditional x-ray. As you may know, radiation exposure is everywhere, from your home to the office. Your TV, watch, computer, gas stove and phone all emit radiation—even the food you eat. Believe it or not, eating two bananas or five Brazil nuts exposes you to the same amount of radiation as you’d get from an x-ray.
  • X-rays can diagnose a number of problems: X-rays are most commonly used to diagnose cavities, but their usefulness doesn’t stop there. Dentists also use them to look for cysts, tumors, tissue problems, impacted teeth and other conditions that could have a serious impact on your health. For example, did you know an infected tooth puts you at risk of cardiovascular disease?
  • Dental x-rays are safe: Finally, your dental x-ray is safe—often even if you’re pregnant. (You should always tell your healthcare provider if you’re pregnant, however.) Technology has evolved so your teeth are the only part of your body exposed to radiation, thanks to focused machinery and the lead apron that we use to protect you. In fact, modern digital x-rays expose you to about the same amount of radiation you’d get from spending time out in the sunshine.

Aren’t you glad technology has evolved? We think any advancement that encourages people to feel better about going to the dentist is a great one.

Dental x-rays in Phoenix, AZ

Many people put off going to the dentist because they’re afraid of what their dental x-rays might reveal—but there’s no need to fear when you visit us at Modern Smiles Family Dentistry. Dr. Carl Fairchild and his team are dedicated to providing the highest level of care for our patients, whether you’re looking for cosmetic, routine or emergency dental services. Stop by any of our locations for a free consultation, and get ready for a trauma-free, bright and beautiful smile.

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