What Is 3D Dental Imaging, and What Are Its Advantages?

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Have you heard of 3D dental imaging in Phoenix, AZ? Also known as cone beam CT imaging, this new technology allows dentists to get an even better look at the inside of your mouth, including soft tissue, nerve pathways and the bone. Your dentist might use it to look for potential tumors or get a better idea of where to place dental implants.

This new technology is less than a decade old, and isn’t a substitute for traditional dental x-rays—which is why you may not have heard about it. However, more and more dentists use it today in order to diagnose more advanced issues.

How it works

This type of imaging actually provides 3D images of the inside of your mouth, from your teeth to your gums to your jaw. A camera rotates around your head, emitting a cone-shaped x-ray beam to examine your mouth. One x-ray takes about 600 images of your mouth, then pieces them together to form 3D images. In fact, dentists can actually “move around” in the images, allowing them to get a better look at what might be plaguing you.

Advantages of 3D dental imaging

If you need bone grafts, implants, reconstructive oral surgery or root canals, your dentist might utilize 3D imaging, since it allows a fuller picture of where your teeth, nerves, roots and tissues are. It’s also great for planning orthodontic or cosmetic treatment. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of this technology:

  • It’s fast: Despite taking up to 600 images of your head, a 3D dental image only takes about a minute to complete. All you have to do is take off any metal jewelry and sit still for that brief amount of time.
  • It provides a comprehensive and detailed look: Traditional x-rays might only show a corner of your mouth, based on where the device is placed. 3D imaging allows dentists to zoom into specific areas, even as small as a single nerve. The image quality is higher, providing more detail and insight.
  • It’s safe: With the advent of digital technology comes a major bonus in the form of reduced exposure to radiation. While radiation is literally everywhere, from the sun to your phone to the food you eat, reducing your exposure is never a bad idea. 3D dental imaging is safe, effective and 100 percent pain-free, too.
  • It’s the future: As this technology becomes more cost-effective and widespread, patients can expect to reap the benefits of safe, quick, detailed 3D technology more frequently. It’s a win for everyone involved.

3D dental imaging in Phoenix, AZ

If you need 3D dental imaging to solve your oral health problems, Modern Smiles Family Dentistry is ready to help. Our team, led by Dr. Carl Fairchild, focuses on thorough and compassionate patient care. We offer comprehensive dental services, whether emergency, cosmetic or routine checkups. Plus, we’re pleased to offer you free consultations when you stop by any of our locations. Call or visit us today to get started getting your smile in shape.

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