What Is a Dental Emergency?

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Your teeth are one of the most important parts of your body—if something is wrong with them, you’ll feel it every moment of the day, and problems with your teeth will only extend to the rest of your body if given enough time and left untreated. Some of these problems can develop over a long period, while others can happen abruptly if you bite into the wrong thing, take a bad fall or have a particularly bad day on the basketball court.

If any of those happen to you, rest assured that a visit to an emergency dentist in Phoenix is nothing to worry about when you have the team at Modern Smiles Family Dentistry on your side.

Pain raises the red flags

Dental emergencies are usually characterized by pain, discomfort and swelling. Usually, an emergency is also constituted by a patient not quite being able to help themselves alleviate any of their symptoms. These can be the result of untreated lingering issues, like gingivitis, coming to a head, or they might be as obvious as falling and banging your mouth on a coffee table. No matter the cause, a dental emergency is a serious issue, and our experienced team of dental professionals is standing by at all times to make sure you get the special care that you need to alleviate your pain and receive treatment.

Never delay on a dental emergency

There can be a temptation to “wait it out” or “see how you feel after the weekend” when it comes to a dental emergency. We understand—you don’t want to take the time to head to the emergency dentist in Phoenix for something that might not turn out to be anything major.

However, we are here to tell you that there really is no “minor” dental emergency, as some of them can quickly blossom into life-threatening situations. If you’re experiencing uncontrolled bleeding or trauma that involves facial bones, then you cannot delay at all. You need to seek immediate medical attention to make sure that your dental situation does not put your overall wellbeing in any sort of jeopardy.

How to tell if you have an emergency

There are different types of dental emergencies for you to be aware of, but basically, if you’re experiencing pain, discomfort or abnormal bleeding, then you need to immediately seek the attention of an emergency dentist in Phoenix and ensure that your teeth and mouth are getting the treatment they need and deserve.

A dental emergency is a serious situation, but if you work promptly to receive dental care from teams like ours at Modern Smiles Family Dentistry, then chances are you’re going to emerge relatively unscathed from the experience. Dental technology is always advancing, and we have the means to quickly and painlessly treat your situation right here at our office. Trust the professionals to handle these types of situations, and we’ll get your smile shining like the way you’re used to. Reach out to us right away if you’re in need of emergency dental treatment, or to schedule a regular checkup and cleaning.

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