An Easy Checklist of Things to Do Before Your Next Teeth Cleaning Appointment

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If you’ve scheduled a dentist appointment, you might be wondering about the best way to prepare. Thankfully, there isn’t too much patients need to do prior to an appointment, but there are some things patients can do to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Keep reading for some helpful tips and advice about how to make sure you’re well prepared for professional teeth cleaning in Phoenix.

What to do before a cleaning appointment

Feeling prepared can help reduce anxiety leading up to a dental appointment. All it takes is a few simple steps to prepare yourself for your next cleaning appointment and to minimize discomfort. Make sure you’re prepared for professional teeth cleaning in Phoenix by following this simple list of pre-appointment measures:

  • Avoid overbrushing: A lot of people prepare for dentist appointments with excessive brushing to get their teeth looking as clean as possible. However, excessive brushing can actually do more harm than good. Brushing aggressively can make your teeth more sensitive, leading to greater discomfort during an appointment. In addition, it can make it more difficult for dentists to identify areas where food particles tend to accumulate and create problems.
  • Eat before your appointment: Dental work can take a long time to complete, so make sure to eat a filling meal beforehand to stave off hunger and stay as comfortable as possible. This is especially important if you’re getting dental work that will prevent you from eating anything for a few hours after your appointment is over.
  • Take ibuprofen beforehand: If you’re particularly sensitive to dental work or you tend to experience a lot of discomfort during professional teeth cleaning in Phoenix, it’s a good idea to take some ibuprofen before your appointment. If you’re still experiencing pain during your appointment, even after taking ibuprofen, make sure to tell your dentist. While some discomfort is normal during dental appointments, there’s no need to struggle through pain during your cleaning.
  • Communicate with your dentist: If you’re feeling nervous, anxious or uncomfortable, tell your dentist. Communicating openly with your dentist about your concerns going into an appointment can improve the experience significantly. If your dentist knows what is concerning you, they will be able to provide you with the reassurance and information you need to feel more at ease and help you know what to expect during your appointment. It’s also important to communicate with your dentist about any pain or symptoms you’re experiencing so they know what to look for.

Schedule your cleaning today

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