Aftercare for a Dental Veneer Procedure

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The dental veneers procedure is a safe and relatively non-invasive choice. However, there may be an adjustment process as you get used to your new and improved teeth. There are also oral health tips that dentists recommend while you recover and adjust to your dental veneers

Useful dental veneers aftercare tips from a dentist

Dental veneer aftercare tips that dentists often provide to patients include staying consistent with brushing and flossing, protecting veneers from hard objects (like hard candies), wearing a nightguard to prevent bruxism, and limiting the consumption of foods and drinks that can lead to teeth stains. 

Stay consistent with your oral care routine

The best way to care for dental veneers after the placement procedure is through good oral hygiene. This should include brushing and flossing daily. The key is consistency and not skipping any days of brushing and flossing. Otherwise, teeth with veneers are vulnerable to staining and early damage. With proper care, however, dental veneers can remain in great condition for more than a decade. 

Protect the dental veneers from hard objects

One of the main causes of early damage to veneers is hard objects. This includes hard candy, tough foods, a blow to the face by a ball, and falling and hitting a tooth on a hard surface. Other teeth can damage veneers early as well (see below). Ask the dentist about dietary choices and lifestyle precautions you can take to protect dental veneers from damage. 

Ask your dentist if you should wear a nightguard

A night guard is worn at night while sleeping to protect teeth from grinding together. Bruxism, the term used to describe nighttime teeth grinding, is one of the main causes of early damage to veneers (and teeth in general). The dentist can custom make a nightguard that fits comfortably and does not disrupt the quality of your sleep. 

Limit the consumption of foods and drinks that cause stains

Dental veneers are vulnerable to teeth stains the same way as natural teeth. This means a diet that consists of a lot of coffee, tea, and other dark beverages can contribute to early teeth stains. Foods with tomato sauce can also contribute to early teeth stains. It is helpful to limit the consumption of foods and drinks that contribute to teeth stains. 

Notify the dentist if there are any complications

Serious side effects of dental veneers are rare. If any complications develop, however, then it is important to notify the dentist as soon as possible. They can help ensure the issues are dealt with properly and the long-term health of the veneers is not put in jeopardy. 

Do you have questions about the dental veneers procedure?

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