Composite Fillings are a Dental Restoration for Tooth Decay

Composite Fillings Phoenix, AZ

Composite fillings are an excellent way to repair and restore decayed teeth that no longer have enough tooth structure remaining to support a crown or other type of dental restoration. Not only do they offer the strength of natural tooth structure, but they also prevent damage from tooth decay in the future. If you have any questions about these fillings, ask your dentist during your next appointment!

What are composite fillings?

Composite fillings are used to treat tooth decay. A filling is made of tooth-colored material that is placed into an indentation in your tooth. This fills in what would otherwise be space, thereby rebuilding the lost structure and looking just like your natural teeth. These fillings usually last many years before needing any repairs or replacements.

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems. When you have tooth decay, you can either have your dentist restore your tooth by placing fillings or have them remove it entirely to treat an infection. There are pros and cons to both options, so it's best to discuss your options with your dentist before making any decisions. Your dentist may recommend fillings if they feel they're right for you.

Why composite restorations are better than silver amalgam

Composite restorations are tooth-colored fillings made of acrylic resin placed in cavities to strengthen teeth damaged by tooth decay. These dental restorations are also called white fillings or simply fillings because they seamlessly blend into surrounding teeth. Composite restorations can be made in any shade of white to match your natural teeth color. The long-lasting material resists staining and wear, making it one of today's most popular types of dental restoration in use today.

These fillings can last longer than any other type of dental restoration, but they're not suitable for everyone. If you have an allergy to metal or sensitive teeth, fillings may not be your best option. They also aren't used to restore damaged teeth with tooth decay like silver amalgam restorations are. But if you need dental treatment that will improve your smile and last as long as possible, then these fillings may be your ideal solution. Schedule an appointment with your dentist today to find out more about these white fillings and how they can give you a strong and healthy smile for years to come.

Benefits of composite restorations

We all know that one thing is sure in life, nothing stays new forever. This holds for our teeth as well. Over time, tooth decay can weaken them until they can no longer hold up against biting forces or retain their natural color. When tooth decay reaches too far into your tooth, it's time to consider having a composite restoration done. Composite fillings can be used to restore almost any part of your teeth, including chewing surfaces, cusps, and even preparing cavities for crowns or veneers.

It's recommended for fillings be installed whenever possible because they have many benefits over amalgam fillings. One big advantage that composite restorations possess over amalgam ones is how long they last. These fillings have been proven to last from 7-10 years on average, making them a much better investment than their counterparts.

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