Denture Care: The Importance of Maintaining Oral Hygiene

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Dentures are an investment that gives people back the ability to eat, communicate and smile with confidence, and maintaining your smile includes proper denture care. Seeing your dentist routinely for checkups, coupled with proper oral hygiene, can help prolong your dentures' life. The correlation between good oral hygiene and proper denture care is huge. Without one, you cannot fully maintain a good set of dentures for the extension of their lifespan. We are going to discuss the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene habits, even with dentures.

Maintaining good oral hygiene

Between your dentist appointments, it is important to keep up with good oral care to help prevent the decay of any remaining teeth or the development of periodontal disease. Many people do not understand the connection of their mouths to the rest of their bodies. Bacteria from your mouth can travel into the bloodstream, putting you at serious risk for other heart conditions. Not maintaining proper oral care can also worsen the effects of other chronic health conditions as well. Therefore, it is vital to make sure you are properly caring for your mouth; proper oral care starts with you!

Brushing and rinsing your mouth

Proper denture care starts with proper mouth care. Brush two times a day any remaining teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste. If you have complete dentures and do not have remaining teeth, it is still important to brush and clean the roof of your mouth, tongue, and gums. Use a mouth rinse as recommended by your dentist to remove any bacteria from your mouth. Make sure you check your gums daily. If you notice any changes or oral lesions, you should report these to your dentist immediately.

Remove dentures and rinse between meals

Between meals, you should be removing your dentures and rinsing them with warm water. Make sure before you get started, you place a soft, folded towel in the sink to help prevent any breaking or cracks from accidental drops. Rinsing your dentures after eating can help to remove any food debris or bacteria that may get trapped in them.

What about when you are sleeping

You should get into the habit of removing your dentures when you go to bed at night. Place your dentures in a container with a dentist-approved cleanser. Soaking them overnight for at least 6 to 8 hours can help to keep dentures moist and flexible. When they are left out without soaking, they can become dry and brittle, causing them to break easier. Enhancing the flexibility of your dentures by soaking can help to may sure they are pliable and easy to place and set inside your mouth. This helps in the prevention of mouth ulcers or sores from ill-fitting dentures.

Three factors come into play to ensure your oral health, scheduled dentist appointments, good oral hygiene, and proper denture care. Taking care of dentures and keep your mouth clean and free from bacteria can not only contribute to a healthier mouth, but can also extend the lifespan and durability of your dentures.

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