Esthetic Dentistry and Orthodontic Correction of Misaligned Teeth

Esthetic Dentistry Phoenix, AZ

Most people view dental services in three broad terms: General, cosmetic and orthodontic. Esthetic dentistry is the marriage of these three services. Whereas the traditional types of dentistry focus on either function or form, in an esthetic practice patients and professionals work together to achieve functional and aesthetically pleasing results. One way in which esthetic dentists do this is through the orthodontic correction of misaligned teeth via aligner therapy.

Aligner therapy in esthetic dentistry

Aligner therapy is one of the most well-known forms of this dentistry. It involves the use of clear, removable trays to move teeth into the correct position. The trays change incrementally as a patient advances along the treatment plan. The goal is that, by the end of treatment, the patient’s teeth have been pushed into the desired position.

Dentists typically advise patients to wear each set in the sequence for one to two weeks at a time, for 20 to 22 hours per day. There are two main types of aligners that an esthetic dentist may use. The first is the spring aligner, which can correct spacing or minor crowding. Though these appliances are advertised as “removable,” dentists prefer that patients wear them 100% of the time to achieve the desired results.

The second and most popular type of aligner is the clear aligner. These transparent trays can effectively treat malocclusions in less time than traditional braces, though dentists may not recommend them for more extensive orthodontic issues.

The benefits of aligner therapy

Aligner therapy has many benefits over traditional orthodontics that make it a popular choice in esthetic dentistry

More attractive

According to a 2008 study on perceived orthodontic appliance attractiveness, men, women, and children agree that aligner therapy is more attractive than conventional orthodontic appliances. Though clear aligner therapy is typically more expensive than traditional wire and brackets braces, the more esthetically pleasing treatment is often worth it for patients.

Increased comfort

Clear aligner therapy is not discomfort-free. However, patients generally agree that it is far more comfortable than fixed appliances, especially in the early stages of treatment.

Better gum health

Research shows that, compared to fixed orthodontic appliances, clear aligners are associated with better periodontal health outcomes. This is largely because patients can remove appliances to brush and floss as normal rather than having to brush around brackets and wires — both of which catch and hold food debris.

Fewer and shorter appointments

One study published by Medscape found that the median appointment time for malocclusion patients with clear aligners was 9.9 minutes. Patients with braces, however, had a median treatment time of 13.6 minutes. Moreover, braces wearers attended an average of 2.6 more appointments than aligner wearers and spent 2.4 months longer undergoing treatment.


Esthetic dentistry for the orthodontic correction of misaligned teeth is becoming increasingly popular. To learn more about this innovative service and how your smile can benefit, contact a local esthetic dentist near you.

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