How CEREC Improves the Accuracy of Crown Fit and Placement

How CEREC Improves the Accuracy of Crown Fit and Placement from Modern Smiles Family Dentistry in Phoenix, AZCEREC® (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is an easier, quicker, and more accurate way to get your dental crowns. Traditional permanent crowns take weeks to finish. With CEREC, you can leave the clinic wearing your new crowns. Dentists follow strict steps to ensure the right fit and placement of CEREC crowns. If you want to know more about this matter, here are the details.

Checking and preparing the teeth

Getting the fit and the bite right for CEREC crowns is important. It all starts with a thorough tooth check. The dentist will examine the patient’s teeth. This will confirm if CEREC is for the patient. The dentist will check if the teeth still have healthy parts.

After the checking, the dentist will start preparing the tooth by anesthetizing the tooth. Preparation includes removing the decayed sections of each tooth. Then, cleaning each tooth out follows. Drying the teeth will prepare them for what is next.

Taking a digital impression

The traditional process of getting dental crowns involves getting a mold of the patient’s teeth. This is uncomfortable for patients. It often leaves pieces of the cast material inside the patient’s mouth. In CEREC, the dentist inserts a small digital intraoral camera into the patient’s mouth.

The software will then create different digital images of the dental surfaces. The CEREC software takes the static images and puts them together. It converts the images into a 3D model of the patient’s teeth. This is a more accurate way of creating a pattern for the patient’s crown.


The CEREC machine will use the 3D image of the patient’s teeth to make the dental crown. Choosing the right color for the crown is next. The right color must match the patient’s natural teeth. This will prevent the crown from standing out. The milling machine will then start making the dental crown. This stage takes about 15 minutes.


Ensuring the proper fit of the crown comes next. The dentist will polish and cement the crown to the patient’s tooth. Cementing the crown seals the natural tooth, protecting it from bacteria and food particles. It will also keep the crown in place.

Advantages of CEREC

This new system is convenient for many patients. Any patient can get a new dental crown in one dental appointment. There is no need to ask for several days off from classes or work. CEREC dental crowns save money and time.

Traditional dental crowns take longer to get. The dental laboratory needs about two weeks to create permanent dental crowns. Patients often wear temporary crowns to protect the implants while waiting for the permanent crowns. CEREC dental crowns remove the long waiting time.

The natural appearance of these crowns provides good replacements for lost or damaged teeth. These crowns are also durable. The short wait time does not compromise the quality of the crowns at all. Dentists make sure to maximize the use of CEREC technology in providing quality dental crowns.

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CEREC dental crowns always have the right fit and placement

You can expect to have your new CEREC dental crowns by the end of your dental appointment. This is a very convenient, accurate, and quick way to get teeth restorations. You can say goodbye to temporary crowns with this dental crown system. An appointment with your dentist can start your CEREC experience right away.

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