How Implant Dentistry Can Help Keep Your Jawbone Healthy

How Implant Dentistry Can Help Keep Your Jawbone Healthy from Modern Smiles Family Dentistry in Phoenix, AZImplant dentistry is a great way to replace one or multiple teeth long-term. An often overlooked benefit of implant dentistry is the ability to prevent bone loss in the jaw. This review discusses how implant dentistry can help you keep your jawbone healthy and prevent bone atrophy.

Implant dentistry: How it can protect your jawbone and periodontal health

Alternative solutions to implant dentistry do not provide the ability to preserve the density of the jawbone, whereas the jawbone should remain healthy with dental implants as long as the patient properly cares for their new smile.

Implant dentistry can help preserve jawbone density

Implant dentistry involves the use of small surgical posts known as dental implants that are fixed into the jawbone to hold and support replacement teeth. One unique benefit of choosing implant dentistry over alternative teeth replacement methods is the ability to preserve the health and strength of the jawbone.

Why bone loss can occur after the loss of teeth

Bone loss can occur after the loss of teeth as a result of atrophy. One of the primary purposes of the jawbone is to support teeth. If the jawbone loses this purpose due to the loss of teeth, then atrophy can occur, leading to a deterioration of the bone inside of the jaw.

The correlation between jawbone health and periodontal disease

One of the main causes of bone loss in the jaw is periodontal disease, which is also known as gum disease. Periodontal disease occurs when bacteria causes constant attacks on the supporting structures of teeth, namely the gums and jawbone. A mild case of periodontal disease (gingivitis) may not lead to bone loss right away, but it can progress into a more serious type of periodontal disease (periodontitis), which can attack the gum and bone tissue and lead to concerns such as bone loss in the jaw, gum recession, and deep gum pockets.

What a dentist can do to treat bone loss before placing dental implants

There has to be enough healthy bone inside of the jaw to support the implants before the implants placement procedure is scheduled. If bone loss has occurred, then a dentist may recommend a bone graft procedure, which consists of taking bone tissue and grafting it to the area where bone loss has occurred.

How to care for your dental implant restorations and jawbone

After the completion of the implant dentistry process, the patient can protect their smile and help prevent loss of jawbone by practicing good oral hygiene, consuming a low-sugar diet, and visiting the dentist regularly for a check-up visit and dental cleaning to minimize the risk of periodontal disease.

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