Keeping Your Teeth White During Clear Aligners Treatments

Keeping Your Teeth White During Clear Aligners Treatments from Modern Smiles Family Dentistry in Phoenix, AZAnyone who has worn clear aligners can attest to the effectiveness of this treatment. There is a lot to like about this approach to straightening teeth and correct bite issues. But wearing aligners should not erase a person’s responsibility of continuing good oral hygiene. To keep your teeth healthy, strong, and looking good, you should keep doing those things that you have done all along to prevent cavities and discoloration. There are also some other steps you can take to enjoy a white smile.

Clear aligners and how they work

Aligners are plastic mouthguard-like appliances that fit over a person’s teeth. The aligners are plastic, so it is difficult to detect when a person is wearing them. As teeth begin to shift, the dentist will provide a new set of aligners to the patient, usually every few weeks at a regular visit. The aligners will put constant pressure on the teeth, forcing the jaw to move. The teeth follow the shifting and adjust to the right positions in the mouth.

Maintenance, care, and instructions

Clear aligners are removable and do not use any other devices to move the teeth. Patients should wear the mouthguard 21 to 22 hours a day, removing the appliance for meals and cleaning. Daily brushing and rinsing will help to keep the aligners free of debris. This will ensure that the appliance looks nice and smells good.

Continue to brush

Some people who have clear aligners forget to brush properly. As a result, these patients may experience tooth decay and could even see discoloration occur. To prevent teeth from yellowing, the individual should brush at least twice a day with fluoride-based toothpaste. This is especially critical after meals and before going to bed.

Daily flossing

Too many people do not include flossing as part of their daily routine. Flossing dislodges food particles from in between teeth. It will maintain the health of the gums and teeth, keeping gum disease at bay. This is also a good way to maintain white, beautiful teeth. Some patients tend to put off flossing during treatment with clear aligners. Make sure to do this each day and to get in between each tooth.

Limiting certain foods and beverages

Because clear aligners are removable, people do not need to be as cautious about their diet. Still, it is good to reduce the consumption of certain foods and drinks. Keeping teeth white is more likely when being cautious about drinking beverages such as cola, coffee, and wine. Eating fewer foods such as tomato or soy sauce will also help to keep teeth white.

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Straighten teeth while keeping discoloration away

Fixing crooked teeth might be your top goal for repairing your smile. You do not want to have yellow or brown stains either. While you are wearing clear aligners, make sure to follow these tips. Brushing, flossing, and watching your diet will go a long way in maintaining whiter teeth.

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