Prosthodontic Options from Your General Dentist for a Missing Tooth

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Your general dentist will recommend a tooth-replacement procedure right after you lose a tooth. A missing tooth can cause havoc in your mouth. It can lead to infection, dental shifting, and bite problems. If you need a tooth-replacement treatment, here are prosthodontic options from your general dentist.

Implant-supported bridge

A general dentist can recommend this option if the patient has several missing teeth. It is also an option for those who do not want to wear dentures. This option is less invasive than replacing each missing tooth with a dental implant. This treatment involves placing dental implants on the opposite sides of the bridge. These will provide stable support for the artificial teeth in the middle.

This prosthodontic option removes the worry about teeth replacements falling out while chewing, speaking, or laughing. Its effectiveness is similar to that of a dental implant. The general dentist will need to replace the bridge. Routine dental visits help maintain the optimal condition of the bridge.

Dental implants

These dental restorations are common and effective. Each dental implant has a secure foundation. A dental implant consists of a titanium rod, an abutment, and a dental crown. It is an ideal restoration if the patient has one or several teeth missing in various areas. Proper care and maintenance allow dental implants to last a lifetime.

The general dentist will drill holes into the patient’s gums and jawbone. Then, placing the titanium rods come next. Osseointegration must happen before the placement of the abutments. Then, the general dentist will place the dental crowns on top of the abutments. These are permanent restorations. They do not need constant dental appointments.


This is a temporary denture capable of flipping in and out of its original position. A flipper does not depend on surrounding dentition for support. It does not have metal clasps either. This is an inexpensive tooth-replacement treatment as well. The general dentist will suggest this option because it is lighter than a traditional partial denture.

Tooth-supported bridge

The general dentist will use the patient’s natural teeth on opposite sides of the bridge for support. Filing the two teeth will enable the crowns to fit over them. Dental crowns go over the two supporting natural teeth. The dentist cements them into place. A few dental appointments will complete the treatment.

Removable dentures

This prosthodontic option is for patients who have a few missing teeth. The dentures clasp into place to make sure they do not fall out. The general dentist can add more teeth to the partial denture if the patient loses more teeth in the future. This saves the patient money and time. The patient can bring the partial denture back to the dentist for repairs.

Prosthodontic options from your general dentist can change your quality of life

Having missing teeth can be difficult and embarrassing. It is a good thing there are available options for replacing missing teeth. Patients can have a replacement for one or even more missing teeth. An appointment with your general dentist will determine which option will suit your needs most.

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