Replace Metal Fillings With CEREC Ceramic Fillings

Replace Metal Fillings With CEREC Ceramic Fillings from Modern Smiles Family Dentistry in Phoenix, AZDental professionals traditionally fill cavities in the teeth with metal amalgams. CEREC® technology provides an excellent alternative to this traditional option in a same-day treatment, and many patients choose it to replace metal fillings.

What benefits CEREC® fillings offer

The state-of-the-art technology of Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics for treating tooth decay offers many benefits, as its name reveals:

  • Chairside: The entire process takes place during one visit while the patient is in the dental chair
  • Economical: The technology eliminates the need for external lab services, reducing costs
  • Restoration: These fillings do not require dentists to drill away significant portions of natural teeth
  • Esthetic: Dentists can color match these fillings to patients’ natural teeth
  • Ceramics: The material is durable, long-lasting, and strong

Computer-assisted design and computer-assisted manufacturing technologies help dentists customize fillings that seal cavities thoroughly.

Why dental patients should consider replacing metal fillings with CEREC® fillings

Dentists have long relied upon durable and robust metal fillings consisting of powdered copper, silver, and tin mixed with liquid mercury. However, CEREC® fillings offer many benefits over the standard options.

Pleasing appearance

Among the most common reasons patients give for replacing metal fillings with those made using CAD-CAM technology is dissatisfaction with an unnatural appearance. Metal fillings have a dark color that deepens with time, creating a dramatic contrast with surrounding teeth. CEREC® fillings are virtually undetectable in the mouth because the technology can color match them with the surrounding teeth.

Less sensitivity

Natural teeth insulate the nerve endings in the mouth, but filling cavities with metal replaces the raw protective material with one that conducts heat and cold. As a result, teeth with metal fillings are prone to sensitivity upon contact with hot and cold foods and beverages. CEREC® fillings have properties that resemble those of natural teeth and offer similar protection for the nerve endings.

More precise fit

CAD-CAM technology helps a dentist create a filling that perfectly matches the cavity in a patient's tooth. There is no risk that bacteria will expand into any portion of an unsealed hole and continue to weaken the tooth, as sometimes happens to teeth with metal fillings. A secure fit also prevents the considerable discomfort that results when a filling becomes dislodged. This complication is commonly associated with metal fillings.

Better bite

Dentists must take great care to ensure that metal fillings are smooth and flush against a tooth's surface. Fillings that are too high or too large can lead to bite problems that can affect chewing and cause discomfort. CAD-CAM technology prevents these errors by providing the exact measurements and angles necessary for a flawless fit.

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CEREC® is an excellent option for dental patients who want a durable yet attractive filling to support teeth compromised by decay. Some patients wait for existing metal fillings to show signs of wear before replacing them with CAD-CAM-generated fillings. Others proactively seek to use this technology for replacing metal fillings and achieve favorable and long-lasting results.

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