What Does the Clear Aligners Procedure Involve?

What Does the Clear Aligners Procedure Involve? from Modern Smiles Family Dentistry in Phoenix, AZYou may have heard a lot about clear aligners lately. Many people are choosing this orthodontic treatment instead of traditional braces. Because this approach uses different methods, you should be familiar with what will take place during the process. Your dentist will explain how aligners work and why this approach may make sense to you. As you learn more about the procedure, you can have peace of mind in knowing that a new smile is just several months away.

The benefits of wearing clear aligners

Aligners offer an alternative way to restore smiles and give people a good self-image once more. Aligners are made of clear plastic and resemble mouthguards. They are practically invisible, so the appliance will not stand out and be noticeable to others. The aligners are also removable and do not need to stay in the mouth 24 hours a day. People also like that the total treatment time does not last long.

The consultation with the dentist

Orthodontic treatment should begin as early as age 7. By the time a patient is in their late teens, clear aligners could be the right answer to fixing crooked teeth. A dentist should meet with an interested patient to discuss the process of getting aligners. This dental professional can talk about treatment details, including what the results can look like and how to keep the appliance clean. At the consultation, the dentist can address concerns and answer questions.


Once the patient decides that clear aligners are right for them, the dentist will take X-rays of the teeth. Also, 3D images will be taken to give the dentist a model of the person’s mouth. These pictures allow the professional to devise a treatment plan. Also, these enable a technician to fabricate the first aligners.

The first fitting

Once the clear aligners are ready, the dentist places the appliance over the person’s teeth. The professional will ensure that the mouthguard fits properly and comfortably. Any adjustments should occur at this appointment. The dentist will explain how many hours a day the person should wear the aligners and how to properly clean and care for them.

Getting new aligners

As the teeth move, the aligners will no longer fit. Every few weeks, the patient will return to the office and get a new set of clear aligners that once again fit over the teeth. This new set will continue to shift the teeth. If there are any issues with the appliance in between appointments, the patient should inform the dentist right away.

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An effective way to get a beautiful smile

If you are looking for an alternative way to straighten your teeth, then clear aligners could be the right answer for you. You will not have metal wires and brackets in your mouth. Your dentist can explain how aligners work and how you can benefit. Make an appointment to talk to your dentist today.

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