When Are Composite Fillings Recommended?

Composite Fillings Phoenix, AZ

Curious about what composite fillings are used for? Read on to learn more about this type of dental restoration. Of all the types of dental fillings available, composite fillings remain the most popular option. It is preferred because it can be matched to the color of the natural teeth. Composite fillings have several uses in dentistry, some of which are covered in this article.

Overview of composite fillings

Composite fillings are made from a combination of a tooth-colored plastic and powdered glass. Dental professionals use them to repair a fractured or decayed tooth, restore lost areas and strengthen the overall tooth structure. Both front and back teeth can get composite fillings, and the aesthetic appeal and customization have made them the preferred choice for dental restoration.

Who needs composite fillings?

Composite fillings have been in use for several decades as a solution for those with cavities. When a tooth gets decayed, bacteria form holes in it, and the decay gradually gets deeper, crossing the tooth layers into the pulp and even the jawbone. Leaving tooth decay untreated can lead to severe infection and even tooth loss.

After the dentist removes the decayed portion of the tooth, they will cover the resulting hole with composite filling to stop the decay. The material is flexible to work with, so the dentist can mold it to fit the tooth’s form, which means less drilling and preparation.

The following are other situations where composite fillings may be recommended:

  • Lost or broken filling: Patients who have previously gotten amalgam or metal fillings and want a better-looking alternative can visit the dentist to have them replaced
  • Enamel loss or deterioration: Habits like teeth grinding tend to damage the tooth surfaces and make them appear uneven or unsightly. The dentist can recommend composite fillings to rebuild and restore the teeth’s structure
  • Minor chip, crack, or fracture: When a tooth suffers physical damage to its structure but the tooth pulp is not affected, composite fillings can be used to repair the crack or fracture

Any of the above situations can cause symptoms like tooth pain or sensitivity. Patients should watch out for the symptoms and talk to a dentist immediately. Treating the issue early helps prevent the damage from worsening to the point where a repair with the composite filling will be difficult. The alternative would be extensive or costly repairs.

Why choose composite fillings?

If a patient needs dental fillings, the material used must adhere to the teeth for a successful procedure. Composite fillings fuse to the natural tooth to ensure the bonding provides adequate structural support. The aesthetic appeal of composite fillings also means patients can smile confidently, especially if a front tooth is involved. Having unsightly filling material on the teeth can affect someone’s smile and confidence.

Ready to get started?

Composite fillings have proven to be an excellent option for repairing structural issues of the tooth. If you have tooth decay, a dental fracture, or any dental issue, you need to talk to a dentist about restoration options. Contact our dental office today to get started with an appointment.

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