Emergency/Walk-in Dentists in Phoenix, AZ

When the pain in your tooth reaches unbearable levels and you can’t wait for treatment, waste no time visiting Modern Smiles Family Dentistry. We have emergency dentists in Phoenix, AZ on-staff, ready to help walk-in patients who have immediate needs. From broken and chipped teeth to unbearable nerve pain or abscesses, we’ve seen it all.

Our walk-in dentists in Phoenix, AZ are available Monday through Wednesday from 9am to 6pm to provide dental services to patients without an appointment. Stop into our location and we’ll see you as quickly as we can.

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Immediate Relief

Nobody can tell when they’re going to break a tooth or irritate a nerve. What matters is when these things happen, you have access to a qualified professional who can handle them. At Modern Smiles Family Dentistry, we know how painful and debilitating dental emergencies can be.

That’s why we work to identify them and set them straight. From the moment you walk in to our offices, we’ll be working quickly to deliver relief.

Call Anytime

Not sure if your dental situation constitutes an emergency? Our 24-hour emergency dental hotline is open for questions. Give us a call at 602-457-4788 and tell us what the situation is. We’ll help you determine the best course of action and refer you as a walk-in if needed. This way, you’ll have peace of mind you’re making the right decision.

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Don’t have an appointment but can’t wait for help? The emergency dentists in Phoenix, AZ at Modern Smiles Family Dentistry are standing by. Contact us today to inquire about walk-in visits or come to our Phoenix, AZ location to get the dental services you need.

* For emergencies not related to the teeth and gums, please contact your closest urgent care facilities or dial 911.

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